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Healthcare Learning Center
Basic Info on FP & MNCH for Healthcare Providers

  • Basic Information about FP & MNCH for all healthcare providers
  • Capacity building through global access
  • Basic healthcare Information for Doctors
  • Cost effective learning techniques of modern era
  • Joy of fulfilling self assessment
  • Freedom to fail without any fear or regrets
  • Learn and earn your electronic learning certificate
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Welcome to the Healthcare eLearning Center. 10 courses are being offered at this eLearning platform. The courses carry basic information regarding FP & MNCH. The courses are devised to facilitate all healthcare providers, specially the mid-level.
The primary audience for this eLearning software are Family Welfare Workers (FWWs) at Regional Training Institutes (RTIs) around Pakistan. However, other officials, that are directly or indirectly related to any field of healthcare and are interested in current basic information on FP & MNCH, may also benefit from this eLearning center.
There are no pre-requisites to register. The learning method is quite flexible for the busy healthcare professionals. Members can pass a course in multiple visits and can start studying where they left. >> more



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